research centers

Milano (IT)

The Institute of Molecular Science and Technology is a research institute of the Italian National Research Council located in Milan, Italy. The LabCat research group is focusing on the development of advanced catalytic materials for energy applications and chemical industry with a special attention on lowering the content of PGMs and substituting CRMs.

Milano (IT)

The Institute for Macromolecular Studies is a research institute of the Italian National Research Council located in Milan, Italy. The research activity is devoted to synthesis, properties, characterization of synthetic and biological macromolecules and their applications in life science, rubber technology, optoelectronics and packaging.

zaragoza (ES)

The Institute of Synthetic Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis research activity is focused on: heterogeneous catalysts preparation/characterization/testing; single site catalysts, supported metal complexes, supported metal nanoparticles. Selective oxidations; acid-catalyzed reactions, enantioselective reactions, selective organic synthesis, biomass transformation, etc.

zaragoza (ES)

The Istituto de Carboquímica is a research institute of the Spanish National Research Council located at the University campus Río Ebro, Spain. It operates in the field of research areas with high social and strategic impact, as well as other fields of considerable social demand and research opportunities (nanoscience, sensors, hydrogen production, air pollution, waste recovery, etc.).

zaragoza (ES)

The Laboratory of Research in Fluids Dynamics and Combustion Technologies is a joint center between the Spanish National Research Council and the University of Zaragoza, Spain. The research activity is dedicated to fluid dynamics, with attention to environmental problems, including experimental, computational and theoretical techniques.

magurele (ro)

The National Institute of Materials Physics located in Bucharest, Romania is devoted to fundamental and applied research and development, with particular emphasis in the fields of solid state physics and materials research.


university of bologna
bologna (it)

The Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna is an Italian university located in Bologna, Italy. The research activity of the group is focused on heterogeneous catalysts preparation/characterization/testing; mixed metal oxide catalysts, metal nanoparticles supported catalysts, structural and morphological characterization, structure/properties relationships.

politecnico di milano
milano (it)

The Politecnico di Milano is a university located in Milan, Italy. The Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering is entitled to Giulio Natta, the only Nobel Laurate in Chemistry in Italy, that mainly worked at Politecnico of Milano. Since 1995 the group operates in the field of materials for energy and environment, with a well-recognized experience in the field of preparation and characterization of catalytic materials for environmentally friendly energy production, electrical characterization of advanced materials for energy production.

university of oulu
oulu (fi)

The University of Oulu is an international science university located in Oulu, Finland which creates innovations for the future, well-being, and knowledge through multidisciplinary research and education. The main objective of the ECE research group is to provide new scientific knowledge for the development and design of environmentally benign and sustainable materials, unit operations and production processes.


colombes (fr)

Arkema France is a chemical group having 7 research centers in France and 12 business units. Each site is equipped with dedicated pilot and bench scale test facilities (from several grams to several kg of catalyst), and covering a wide panel of reactor technologies (e.g. fixed bed adiabatic, isothermal, fluidized bed, circulating fluidized bed).