Laboratory equipment

  • Chemical synthesis, solid state reaction, co-precipitation, and wet chemistry in general.

    Facilities for coatings of deposition (via dipping, blading, and spraying) on ceramic and metallic of simple and complex geometry.

    Equipment for powders slurry production and dip- and blade coating deposition are available.

    Ovens to calcine in static air (Tmax= 1000°C) and under controlled flow of H2 (Tmax =500°C) and N2 (Tmax = 800°C).

  • Synthesis of zeolite in batch for hydrothermal synthesis. Custom made. Pilot scale equipment. Capacity: 50 L with filtration/washing unit on line.

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  •  Brabender TSE 20
  • Brabender PLASTICORDER PLV 151

 Flat film take-off unit

  •  Univex Take-Off apparatus


  •  Beckman L-60

Low-Temperature Sectioning system

  •  Leica EM FCS


  • 5Pascal L 10 5P

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Workstation glove box 

  • Unilab (MBraun GmbH)

    Preparation of samples under inert atmosphere (Ar, < 0.1 ppm H2O, < 2 ppm O2).

  • LABstar

    Stainless steel design with polycarbonate window
    Inert gas purification system
    Large antechamber with sliding tray
    Closed Loop Recirculation
    PLC-M. Braun Controller
    DN 40 KF ports and electrical ports
    High efficiency box filters HEPA H13

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Metal Vapor Synthesis

Preparation of size-controlled homo- and hetero-nanostructured metal particles, starting from metal vapours as reagents.
This technique can be used for the synthesis of active metal nanoparticles (Pd, Cu, Ag, Au, Fe, Co, Ni, Rh, Pt, …) highly dispersed onto a wide range of inorganic, organic and polymeric supports without activation/reduction steps before use.

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Spark Plasma Sintering (FCT)

Front loading.
Direct (pulsed) current heating.
Impulse bursts programmable.
Maximum furnace temperature: 2400 C
Maximum working temperature: 2200 C
Max. force 50 kN or max. pressure 200 bar
Sintering under Ar or N2.

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Microwave Sintering (LINN)

Front loading.
6 magnetrons, maximum power 4.8 kW
Frequency: 2450 MHz
Maximum sintering temperature: 1700 C (limited by insulation parameters).
Ar, N2 sintering or vacuum (about 10-3 mbar).
Susceptors for pre-heating of difficult materials.
Arbitrary samples shapes, also metallic materials!

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Melt spinner equipment

  • Buehler
    Up to approx. 10 g per run. 
    copper spinning wheel φ 200 mm.
    RF Generator power 6kW, frequency range 20-150 kHz. 
    Spinning wheel with tangential velocity 3 to 60 m/s. 
    High vacuum chamber (< 10-5 mbar). 
    Can be operated with inert gas (e.g. Ar) at max 1 bar. 

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  • RETSCH PM 400 mill
    It is a robust floor model with 4 grinding stations for grinding jars with a nominal volume of 12 mL to 500 mL. It can process up to 8 samples simultaneously which results in a high sample throughput. 

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Film deposition systems

  • Kenosistec OMBD1
  • Rial Vacuum OMBD

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