Network of Infrastructures (NoI)

is a network of knowledge and infrastructures able to provide a state-of-the-art service with the scope of supporting large and small medium enterprises (LEs and SMEs) in the development of critical raw materials (CRM)-free* catalysts to be employed in different fields, such as chemical industry, energy, mobility, as well as environmental applications.

Reduction, recycling or elimination of CRMs as active phase of the catalyst is critical for the economic feasibility and long term sustainability of many applications in the fields of energy and mobility. Moreover, some recycled CRMs are not part of product/value chains and are not marketable. The development of catalysts based on them will improve economics of recycling processes.

The two key strengths of FREECATS are: a unique CRMs-free catalysts development service, mixing modelling + development + test + design + education/training in a single NoI, and the ability to impact different markets.

(*the term “CRMs free” should be intended as: CRMs-free, with lower (i.e., ≤ 0.5 wt. % for PGMs) content of CRMs than usual or/and made of recycled CRMs).